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Have your light switches, outlets and light fixtures repaired or installed by an experienced and licensed electrician.

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Burnett Electric can design and install Yard and Landscape Lighting. Call us Today! 775-391-8022

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Don't take the chance. Hire someone that knows electricity inside and out.

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There are many ways to cut your energy or power bill in Reno, NV. Take advantage of the energy efficient opportunities in Northern Nevada.

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Cut Your Energy or Power Bill in Reno, NV.Give Burnett Electric, Inc.a call today! 775-391-8022


State of Nevada Contractor License # 71388


Burnett Electric, Inc. specializes in all phases of electrical work including Residential and Commercial new construction, additions, tenant improvements and remodels.
We do service calls and can repair your problems no matter how small.
We also do;
~Panel upgrades
~Emergency generator back-up systems
~New circuits and outlets
~Troubleshooting and code correction
~Specialty lighting
~Spa hookups
~Landscape lighting
~Solar arrays
~Parking Lot Lighting Repair / Installation
~Electrical Business Sign / Display Repair and Installation
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There are a multitude of ways to cut your energy or power bill.


Cut Your Energy or Power Bill in Reno, NV.


Common Sense Ways To Cut Your Energy or Power Bill:


1. Turn off your lights when you leave the room.


2. Unplug the appliances and other electronics you rarely use.


3. Limit your use of AC and your Heater.


4. Purchase an energy use monitor and check how much electricity your appliances and electronics are using. You might consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient products.


5. Digital Wall Timers - These are great for outdoor lighting, Christmas lights, or anything that only needs to be on during certain times. They will control almost anything, and you can simply program when you want them to come on and off. Give Burnett Electric a call to help you install this the right way. 775-391-8022


Have Burnett Electric Help You Cut Your Energy or Power Bill:


1. We can Install Motion Sensing Switches So You Never Have To Turn The Lights Off Again!


2. We can Install or Replace Your Light Fixtures to Newer More Efficient Ones.


3. We can Install or Replace Solar Panels - How would you like the electric company paying you each month?


4. We can Install Powerworx E3 – This device optimizes the energy coming into your home, which saves you energy. There are several “scams” out there when it comes to these products, if you see any company claiming to save you 15% or more on your electric bill, chances are it’s a scam! This device will save you some energy, but it also protects your expensive appliances such as ac units, pool pumps, freezers, audio / video…


Burnett Electric in Reno NV has proven skills in electrical systems. They know how to cut your energy or power bill using the latest Green Technologies available. You have the opportunity to not only save money but to save the planet. Burnett Electric takes pride in being a green company.


Our company has helped several people reduce their carbon footprint in the Reno NV area. Let us help you take that next step to save the environment. Give us a call at 775-391-8022. There are many other things you can do in your home to save energy, and help the environment. Here are some websites that can help.


Department of Energy


Energy Saving Tips


Energy Saving Tips For Small Business


Cut Your Energy or Power Bill in Reno NV Today!


Give Burnett Electric a Call Today! 775-391-8022


They can take care of all your GREEN energy needs.


Click the free quote button below and explain your electrical needs. Burnett Electric will contact you shortly thereafter to discuss the best way to help you.



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